pottery for everyone

Want to connect & feel belonging
in Berlin?

Every Monday


What to expect?

Craft, Connect and Create at our weekly Pottery Workshop! 🌈
Step into a space where creativity meets tranquility.

Here’s why you can’t miss it:


🧘🏾‍♂️ Whether you are here to forge new friendships or revel in reflective silence, our doors are opened.

🤝 While our friendly instructor is always nearby to answer questions, this self-guided session lets you set your own pace.

🎨 Please note: Our workshop focuses on hand-building techniques — the potter’s wheel will not be used.

💬 Come join our community of clay enthusiasts and shape your imagination into reality. Secure your spot today!


So what’s the schedule on ?


Every Monday from 17:00 to 19:00

Please be on time!
We want to start and end all together 🙂


Begegnungsstätte Falkensteinstraße 6, 10997 Berlin

This workshop is donation-based 🙂


We’re a small, non-profit NGO that wants to provide shelter to people in need, a safe place for people who have been discriminated against, and a place to express oneself during workshops. Here’s a way to contribute to our project :

€5 Donation – Basic donations for staying alive
€10 Donation – Food, Beverages, and Art materials
€15 Donation – Workshops fees, gives room to improve, able to retribute volunteers

To give a scale, if every person gives a €20 Donation, we can have one additional workshop in a refugee camp for people without perspective with professionals.

If you have monthly less than €1250 for a living, the workshop is fully for free.

We’re counting on you!

How to donate?

Use our donation box at the Workshop or use PayPal 😉

Reminder: We offer this workshop weekly.

We are happy to meet you soon!


If there is anything, you would like to tell us in advance, just send us a mail 🙂

See you soon!