Seminars & Training

Wellbeing Coaching

Do you want to find out more about yourself? You are feeling a bit under the weather lately? You are not sure why? Maybe because of work? Or private matters? Why not getting support from us on your journey to feeling balanced again?

Wellbeing Training for Teams

We support you to approach each other with the right mindset, to grow together easily, potentiate potential, and have fun together at your pace. In our different variety of Wellbeing Training, you will actively and creatively shape your future as a team.

Paint your “purpose of life“ 

It’s about nothing less than the meaning of life or the purpose of our existence.

You love to paint and be creative?
You want to feel more fulfilled?
You want to find out the purpose and meaning for getting up in the morning?

Lets learn from the Japanese philosophy of live and paint our own expressive IKIGAI. 
In this two Days Seminar you will ask yourself four questions and find many creative answers. 

You love interactive art workshops with profoundness? 
Let’s see what really makes you happy!

Training: Logic in Communication

At the workplace, often problems occur when communicating thoughts and ideas is not done in an optimal way. In this training, we dive deep into the logic, rationality and possibilities to communicate in a clear, open, and straight-to-the-point way, while also learning about using mathematical logic in understanding and interpreting what our counterpart is trying to communicate.

Trainer: Shahed

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