Social Projects

Let's include and embrace diversity!

We want to create a culture in which holistic health is at the heart of society. Working with and for people is our greatest strength. That’s why we develop social projects to promote diversity and inclusion. By doing so, we are committed to supporting disadvantaged people in society with our holistic-creative approach.

Intercultural education and awareness at the workplace

Around forty percent of the refugees who have moved to Germany in the last ten years are now employed. However, long-term successful integration in the workplace is difficult: Both the refugees and the host population lack the knowledge and skills to deal constructively with intercultural conflicts. 

In this project, we aim to promote intercultural awareness, strengthen non-violent conflict management among all participants (Refugees in gainful employment and their employers), and train participants to become mentors and multipliers. Refugees, employers and employees should develop the courage to constructively address and resolve issues in the workplace in an appreciative manner. So that integration at workplace can be shaped in a better way. 

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