Art Workshops for Self-discovery

Get creative! Lets paint together (online)

Do you miss painting?
Would you love some motivation for doing art?
Miss being relaxed?

It’s time to change that through painting!

The biggest problem is always to “start”. So let’s start every week together. Make it a routine and uplift yourself. Care for yourself!

In this experimental workshop you will be guide by Roxana, artist, art therapist/Coach and world traveller.
Easy art methods will be thought which you can copy or just create what ever you feel like.

Every week with another topic.
Every week you will get more creative.
Every week you care more for yourself.

EVERY FRIST FRIDAY IN THE MONTH 14:00 – 15:30 (Berlin time)

Price: 15€

Painting and singing online

You are struggling to motivated yourself to paint or sing again?
You miss being creative?

Try out something new! Paint what you feel while listening to others make sounds. 

Me Roxana (art therapist) and Nina Ortlepp (singing teacher) are giving a beautiful workshop where you either can sing or paint with us.

Roxana I will guide you though the painting process.
Nina will play guitar and send you the lyrics from differnt Christmas songs.
You can follow her sing too.

Your mic will be off because of the echo. But you will feel the joy if singing. And see all of us.

You van also leave your camera off if you prefer.

If you want to be part we will send you the Zoom link and day before.
Donation based 10 – 30€


Are you stressed?
Your creativity is blocked?
You want more focus in your life?
Come and paint with us together! Every week a new topic to get creative and change your life.
“A painting says more then 1000 words” – let’s see!

Material: Use what ever relaxes you. There is no right or wrong because we all have different needs.

2:30 – 4:00pm (Berlin time)

This Art- Workshops costs between 20€ – 60€ (You decide how much you can give)

IKIGAI - Male ein Bild und erkenne was dich beruflich & privat glücklich macht

Du fragst Dich….
Was macht mich glücklich?
Wie möchte ich mich entwickeln?
Wie komme ich aus einer Sinnkrise heraus?

Dann ist das Ikigai genau das Richtige für dich.

Male dein Ikigai-Modell
Finde deinen persönlichen und beruflichen Sinn im Leben durch das Malen deines Ikigai-Models aus Japan.

Hardfacts über das Event:

Wo: -> Wir gestalten online zusammen über Zoom .
Was: -> Du brauchst keine künstlerischen Vorerfahrungen.
Min 3A Papier und Farben deiner Wahl

Du magst dabei sein?

Der Kurs findet auf Spendenbasis zischen 20-60Euro statt auch wenn nur eine Person angemeldet ist.

Do you want to get a deeper understanding of Asanas. Through mindfulness and balance, you will be able to further your practice with more complex movements. Shahed’s Yoga classes may incorporate deep backbends, hip opening, twists and forward folds. You can join Shahed’s classes in various studios in Berlin. 

Yo - Party

The Yoga Party combines Yoga and Techno in Berlins finest locations. Wear your funkiest outfits and get ready to stretch with Shahed and our live DJ’s.

You miss being creative?
Want to get to know yourself better?
Love to paint, sketch and do collage art work?
Why don’t you join Roxana’s weekly online art & art therapeutic Workshops!