About Us

Together we belong


Juliane Kahl

Social Pedagogue
M.A. Soicial work & Human Rights

Erica Cignarale

Public relations

Maxime Chemello

Yoga Therapist
Shiatsu practitioner

Adeline Irlanda

M.A. Genderstudies
Dance pedagogue & Yoga teacher

Timo Kurt Kuhn

Gestalt therapist i. e. ​

Chloe Domaradzki

Aspiring Art Therapist and Marketing Expert

Karthik Rajmohan

Dance educator

Jenny Schultz

Music therapist

Frauke Ritter

Art therapist

David Moritz

Lecturer Participative Architecture & Experimental Building

Shahed Naji

Yoga teacher

Florian Rister

Mediator & couples therapist

Arthur Rohr

Junior Developer Frontend

Sophie Heger

Art therapist B.A.

Victoria Belabada

Art therapist M.A.

Pedro Cezar

Public relations

Roxana Sillmen



Roxana is a creative Life-Coach, Artist, and Project Manager. Her passion is to see the healing effects of fine arts on the body and soul. Her aim is always to connect people and experience different cultures. People’s life stories have always fascinated her. Therefore, she worked as an art therapist with children and adults with asylum experiences and without.

She discovered a unique connection between creating art and practicing yoga. So she traveled to India to deepen her knowledge of Yoga and became a certified Yoga teacher. 


Project manager // Co-Founder


André is an Agile Coach and Project Manager. Born to an Iranian father and a German mother, he grew up in multicultural surroundings in Germany. He studied biotechnology but later on found out that his true passion is working with people. He attended many seminars and training on conflict management and became a Certified Mediator. His aid specialty is adding value through communication in teams and start-ups as well as building up and optimizing work processes.
His method lies in approaching issues calmly to create a better understanding of the social and interpersonal aspects of work.

André Nouruzi-Pur

Be part of a young social start-up, use your creativity, help people in need and let’s fight together against discrimination!