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Art Workshop

Malen Gegen Stress, Für Balance Und Klarheit. Es ist an der Zeit, dass Du dir etwas GUTES tust!

Du bist viel beschäftigt? Gestresst?
Suchst nach einen guten AUSGLEICH um runter zu kommen?

Willst dich ENTSPANNEN?
Dann MAL mit uns!


Du benötigst eigene Materialien: Aquarell-Farben ggf. Stifte, Aquarell-Papier. 

Gesang trifft auf Farbe, Musik auf Malerei
Du vermisst es gemeinsam zu singen? Dir fehlt es zu malen?
Und Du willst etwas Neues ausprobieren?
Wir verwandeln gemeinsam Gesang in Farben. Gönn dir ein Wochenende voller Freude und Entspannung.

Mit Roxana und Nina

02 – 04. September 2022
DOC 11 Panko
Frühblüher Preis 317€ bis 01.08, danach 389€

Social Projects

We want to create a culture in which holistic health is at the heart of society. We use coaching, therapy and training methods including yoga, art and meditation. In various formats and projects, we support refugees and disadvantaged people in society.


Do you want to experience somatic practices encouraging self-reflection and connections? We offer different combinations of wellbeing retreats all around the world. Find out more about our upcoming Retreats!!

Online music & Paint Workshop

Do you like to sing and paint? Struggle motivating yourself?
Why not join Nina Ortlepp and Roxana Sillmen’s online Sing&Paint workshop. Weekly happening via Zoom.

Wellbeing Coaching & Training

Do you want to find out more about yourself? Get a clear vision of your future? Why not getting support from us on your journey. 

The "BEING" Festival

Do you want to be in nature, listening to music and dance? You love taking part in creative healing workshops all day? Then join our BEING Festival. 

See you late summer!

Do you want to get a deeper understanding of Asanas. Through mindfulness and balance, you will be able to further your practice with more complex movements. Shahed’s Yoga classes may incorporate deep backbends, hip opening, twists and forward folds. You can join Shahed’s classes in various studios in Berlin. 

The Yoga Party

The Yoga Party combines Yoga and Techno in Berlins finest locations. Wear your funkiest outfits and get ready to stretch with Shahed and our live DJ’s on Berlins rooftop. 

Next one happening end of April.

You miss being creative?
Want to get to know yourself better?
Love to paint, sketch and do collage art work?
Relaxe and join Roxana’s weekly online art & art therapeutic Workshops!

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